My practice consists of younger patients who are very active and sustain a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Buda has extensive knowledge, interest, and expertise in treating these types of injuries. His ability to get patients in quickly, coupled with his progressive treatment strategies, allows my patients to return to their activities quickly and often in better condition than prior to their injury."
Paul McKinley, DO
I'm an older (79 yrs old) athlete and have been participating in serious sports for many years. Unfortunately, a recent injury threatened to bring these activities to a close. This injury affected my lower back and caused severe sciatica pain.
Dr. Buda reviewed tests, i.e. MRI's and X-rays, diagnosed stenosis of the spine and recommended physical therapy instead of surgery. After approximately 10 sessions of increasing activity in therapy, the pain went away. I have returned to normal activities, including athletics.
Dr. Buda is a very competent therapist. He displays professionalism, knowledge, and compassion. Frankly, he cares.

Don Cate - Garden Grove, CA (Senior World Series Champion)

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